Change Your Reality Through Self-Observation

Studying deeper Jewish mysticism in the past year has made me realize and embody something new.

I’m sure you’ve all heard many times before that your outer reality is a reflection of your inner state – that what you think and feel and most importantly what you believe becomes your physical reality.

We hear so often that we must have positive thoughts, but is positive thinking really sufficient to change how life plays out?

This is a huge and tangled subject. For my part, I will try to tackle the important points we have to grasp in order to change our lives.

So first, through studying Torah in the past year I came to realize it contains the type of wisdom that provides the tools to change yourself and reach your higher potential. All of Jewish mysticism is based on our relationship with our fellow man and how to interact in society.

We are all love • We are all one • We are interconnected

The real work to achieve the essence of this lies internally, and all we need to do in order to change our surroundings is to simply change ourselves.

How does one even begin to change herself?

Yoga puts a huge emphasis on this, as well as other spiritual practices.

First and foremost is self-observation: we must dive into this sea of awareness about ourselves, our thoughts and behaviors.

Play a little game of detective and investigate yourself! Simply watch how you interact with people around yourself at any given time, whether at work, with your family, your spouse, or with random people along the way. What triggers you? What upsets you or makes you angry, and why? What kind of thoughts go through your head on a daily basis?

This is the first step. It takes conscious effort and attention, yes, because we are so used to just reacting to life’s situations and overly engaged in our thoughts as they come. Sometimes, though, backing up and taking stock of what our minds produce is a great start.

From here we can begin to practice change in our lives.

When we encounter a person that really upsets or angers us, we should ask ourselves where the anger is coming from and where it lies within ourselves. We mostly tend to blame others for the emotional rollercoasters we experience, because we avoid looking within.

With practice, the thought (or rather, KNOWING) that we are all connected through our inner light enters our consciousness. Feeling this connection beyond what our physical body perceives allows us to start aligning spiritually with the broader universe.

How is all this related to manifesting our reality??

Creation is a brilliant system that the human mind cannot comprehend. What we can do is strive to align ourselves with it.

The divine is pure good, pure love. So for instance, we tend to consider “negative” events to be all-bad. Creation is in perfect harmony, though, and so the so-called “bad” is just a counterbalance to the good we experience in order to keep it all in harmony.

Part of the manifestation and reality change is about us understanding that our soul consciousness/life force/prana (call it whatever you like – it all refers to the same underlying light), is part of the whole.

It happens by changing our actions on a daily basis, by increasing our compassion and not judging. Accepting everyone exactly as they are. Doing acts of kindness and striving to help others at every opportunity.

By doing this we expand our own consciousness, growing our spiritual toolbox and imitating the divine, which is all love and always giving. When we change our actions in this way we start to align with the laws of the universe. Our positive energy grows, as does abundance in life, while changing ourselves. This action will surely manifest quickly into our reality.

Self-observation is an important daily practice in which we look deep inside and let go of anger, which is the result of pride. Pride breeds almost all of our negative behavior in life, and rooting it out in ourselves opens us back up to positivity.

Modesty and humility are two of the best qualities one can achieve in life. They lead to compassion and gratitude for everything you are and have in life.

Start this practice of reflection and observe yourself. Enjoy it! Discover who you truly are, and from there change your actions.

Cause and effect is one of the most powerful universal laws – by changing yourself, you will change your reality and the world itself!

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